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With my services, I can help you and your organization make their presence known.  Whether a start-up as they begin to form their identity with branding and logo, or giving an existing company a little refresh with some rebranding to stay modern.

I offer website development built with the brand persona at the center. This guides the structure, feel, and voice of the site.

Already established? Great! My strategies can expand your awareness and digital reach with social campaigns, Google Ads, or organic methods like Search Engine Optimization.

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My Clients


Wagology Dog Training

Branding, Logo Design

The Wagology Logo was developed for a dog training client. The design keeps the sun in mind as the company makes its home in Puerto Rico.  It has several iterations available with the full color version referencing the aforementioned tropical sun in the circle, encapsulating a cheerful wagging purple dog inside. 

Digital Marketing & Branding for Devine Impact

Devine Impact Fitness & Wellness

Web Development, Social Media, Branding

Branding and logo design came first for Devine Impact. The logo was designed with symbology that is meaningful to the owner, while still presenting well to the viewer. I then secured the social media accounts, and created the website with Google analytics and email marketing have been integrated into the design.  

Devine Impact and I continue to work on organic content strategy together.  I assist with social media and community management. This project is on-going.

Web Design and Logo for Jeremy Schmidt Music

Jeremy Schmidt Music

Copywriting, Branding, Web Development

Jeremy Schmidt is a professional musician whom pivoted his focus almost exclusively on virtual lessons due to the recent pandemic.

I helped Jeremy transition into the digital realm by designing a logo that represented him and his services.  A website would soon follow to give him the online presence he now needed. Jeremy trusted my ability to provide copy and imagery for his site. It is built to be relevant post COVID and serve as a resource for current and future students.

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