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Devine Impact – Full-Service Branding & Marketing

Devine Impact Fitness & Wellness is a boutique fitness studio offering personal training, small group fitness classes, and motivational wellness sessions.  As a start-up, I’ve worked every step of the journey providing branding, web development, social media strategy & community nurturing, and email list building.

Services Provided

Branding for Devine Impact

Branding – Logo Design

The Devine Impact Fitness & Wellness Logo was created with symbols that represent the mantra of the client.  She always says, “doing a little bit for yourself and your health each day results in more long-term results, leading to happiness.”  I’ve included mathematical symbols < = >, less is more to capture this graphically in Devine Impact’s logo. 

Web Development, Copywriting, Imagery

The next step in building Devine Impact’s brand was to develop a website.  After consulting with the client about what was important for her users, I wrote copy for the pages, and scheduled a session to take photographs in the studio. The website was launched on International Women’s Day of 2021.

Devine Impact Web Development
Social Media Strategy for Devine Impact

Social Media Strategy

To broaden the awareness of Devine Impact Fitness & Wellness, a social media strategy was established with a starter pack of graphical content pieces assist in the launch.  The client manages their own page, but our line of communication is always open for content creation, additional strategy, and paid advertising.

In addition, we’ve started to nurture and online community through a private Facebook group.  In the group, members have access to live workouts, recipe inspiration, and uplifting support. The group serves a dual purpose as an email list building tool, where prospects fill out a survery and join the email list in return for group access. 

Content Creation

To assist Devine Impact with Social Media efforts, I created content graphics, copy, and video clips to help drive engagement on the Facebook page. I create graphics for key holidays and events throughout the year.  This allows the client to focus on their services while I assist in achieving social media community goals. 

Content Creations for Devine Impact

Success and Continued Services

Devine Impact only launched in March of 2021 and within 2 months achieved sign up goals that were targeted for the six month mark. This project is ongoing as we continue to set higher goals and broaden our marketing approach to email campaigns and social media ad campaigns. After only a year, Devine Impact in considering expanding to a larger location and hiring additional staff.